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Best Restaurants in Split: Find the one for you

Check the best restaurants in Split and find the one for you. Whether you prefer fish or meat, pizza or pasta, simple meals or local specialties, we will show you the best places in Split and much more.

Although people will mostly buy groceries in supermarkets, shops and malls, while visiting another country, at some point everyone wants to sit and order a proper meal. 

Split being the second biggest city in Croatia and metropolis of Dalmatia, has something for everyone. That being said, if you wish to try local cuisine, there are more than enough restaurants in Split to satisfy your taste. 

The most popular restaurants in Split

If you want to take your friends or family to a nice restaurant, these are the places for you:

Restaurant Fife is one the most popular places in Split centre, thanks to simple, yet tasty, plentiful and reasonably priced meals. On the menu you will find meals such as fish soup, carbonara and pasta with shrimps, black risotto, roasted fish, squid, octopus as well as roasted veal, grilled meat, steaks in sauce and the best of all, pašticada, local specialty. That being said, the place became victim of its popularity since too many people resulted in decline of their service.

Restaurant Velo Misto on Zenta is charming restaurant with a nice view of the sea and marina Zenta, located outside the centre, in a quiet area. The menu has something for everyone, while the prices are fine and the service is solid. 

Restaurant Velo Misto on Marjan is located close to the park-forest Marjan, on the other side of town. Interior is decorated more like a tavern, than a fancy restaurant which makes you feel more like at home. Food, service and the prices are better here than at the one on Zenta because of which this is one of my favorite restaurants in Split

Restaurant Ivo is another highly popular place among the locals. However, it is placed in Stobreč which is small town located just next to Split. Restaurant Ivo is popular thanks to great food, pleasant atmosphere and decent prices. Most of the guest are locals because the owner does not promote it. He has plenty of customers anyway which tells you how good the place is. 

Restaurant Struja is also located in Stobreč but on the promenade with a nice view of the bay and sandy beach. The food is great, menu is diverse, prices are more than fair and the restaurant is well decorated with places to sit inside and outside.

Restaurant Perivoj is relatively new place which got really popular, really fast since Split needed place like this. Something different. It is set in a historic 1900s villa tucked away in the winding backstreets of Split’s Old Town. Perivoj welcomes its guest into art-deco surroundings where award-winning chefs serve up a menu of typically Croatian dishes with wide selection of desserts and cakes. 

Best pizzerias in town

Although there are plenty of restaurants in Split which serve pizza, these two are our favorites:

Restaurant Portas is family owned restaurant, located in the Diocletian’s Palace, 10 meters away from the Golden Gate. Although you can order breakfast which consists of local dishes as well as salads, ravioli and lasagne from their menu, their best meal is delicious pizza. Although restaurant and the outside terrace aren’t that big, when the season comes, the place is mostly full thanks to attentive staff, charming enclosure and great food which is reasonably priced. 

Steak & Pizza Bar Bakra is one of best pizzerias in town with old fashioned interior that provides good service, fair prices and homely atmosphere. You can get pizza in two different sizes and there are numerous toppings to choose from. That being said, there is no much difference in large and small pizza. So, if you want to get the most for your money, order the big one. 

Additional options

If you don't want to go these restaurants or you want something specific, check these places: 

Also, we didn't mention McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, Biberon, Foodie, Wok me, Mex, Juhu, Pasta Fasta, Fresh me and other international fast food chains.

In case you prefer McDonald's or similar options, you will find them around the town's centre and especially in the main shopping malls, at the food court.

For checking reviews, location and additional info about specific restaurants in Split, we recommend tripadvisor.

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