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Nightlife in Split: Best Places for fun night out

You want to know more about nightlife in Split since you are planning or already spending your vacation in metropolis of Dalmatia? We will show you the best clubs, beach parties, festivals and destinations for fun night out.

Nightlife in Split - Warm up

In case you prefer warming up or visiting nice caffe bar in Split before hitting the clubs, these are our recommendations:

  • Visit one of many caffe bars located in the Diocletian's Palace such as Gaga, La Bodega, Paradiso or Luxor
  • Relax in one of many cafe bars or restaurants located on Split's beautiful promenade (Riva) and enjoy the view and diversity of people, while you sip your cocktail
  • Many locals gather on Matejuška and Split's "west coast" in the evening since it is cheaper to buy a beer and enjoy with your friends on the bench, instead of visiting some of more expensive caffe bars in the town's centre

Vanilla Club

Vanilla Club is the most popular place in town and definitely the best place to party and have an amazing night out in Split. Since its inception, it is Split’s favorite gathering place and today a club with tradition, a synonym for fun night out.

The initial vision of the club was based on good fun and quality service but today Vanilla is perceived as a party zone and a place where there are no limits for experiencing a great time. Throughout the years, the club’s offer has expanded which includes its services and the club’s surface.

That being said, to get inside you need to be well dressed. Entrance is usually free, besides on special nights when some bigger local or foreign artists are performing.


It is relatively new club which became very popular thanks to its size and amazing interior design. During summer, Central is opened every night and hosts a number of DJs, foreign and domestic music producers in their thematic evening parties.

A 360 degree renovation of the former ‘Central’ Cinema has now turned into a two floor nightclub with four bars, VIP lodges and state of the art sound.

Each night is theme based from evergreens to disco to world famous DJs playing live. Although being one of the best places, regarding nightlife in Split, remember that you are usually required to pay entrance fee to get inside. 

Fabrique Pub

Boasting coffee and cocktails, barbecue and pub fare, Fabrique is the first of its kind in the city. The menu combines classic pub fare with a modern twist and Croatian spin to bring it all together. 

Although during the day it works as a restaurant where you can have a lunch or sit for a cup of coffee, the pub transforms into one of best places for fun night out in the evening.

While at some other nightclubs you can found predominantly younger crowd such as 20 year-olds, Fabrique is one of those places where you have mix of ages 20-50, on average 25-35 with a mix of locals and travellers. Also, the atmosphere and decor are stunning, classy and cosy, while the club is located in the center, next to the waterfront. 

Bačvice Beach

Bačvice is spacious area with shallow sandy beach located close to the city centre. It is also one of best places when it comes to nightlife in Split, especially during the summer.

Although the beach itself is sometimes host of music festivals, there are many clubs lined up next to the beach. The best ones include Tropic Club, Caffe-Club Bačvice and La Playa Beach Bar & Club. Bačvice beach is also very popular among the tourists, especially during the night.

If you want to meet tourist from all over the world which are having their vacation in Split, Bačvice beach and its clubs are one of the best places in town. Especially taking in consideration beautiful surroundings and short distance to the centre of Split.

Ultra Festival

When we talk about nightlife in Split, we can’t forget to mention Ultra Music Festival. It is the biggest music festival in this part of Europe which is organized every year. It attracts visitors from 140 countries around the world, while only a third of festival-goers are locals. This speaks volumes since attendance of Ultra Music Festival in Split goes up to 150.000 visitors.

Festival has top tier line-up with the world’s best EDM, house and techno music DJ’s in combination with amazing production and unparalleled stage designs. Split as famous tourist resort with its Diocletian’s Palace, rich cultural history, numerous beaches and mid-Adriatic islands in front, provides perfect place for one of the best summer parties in the world.

Find your place on the map

We marked all the best clubs in Split with red, Ultra festival with green, island parties with yellow and Bačvice beach with blue:

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