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Cheap eats in Split: Best fast foods & sandwich bars

If you're having vacation on a budget and you are looking for cheap eats in Split, you're at the right place. We will show you the best fast food & sandwich bars that serve delicious and filling meals which won't empty your wallet.

Not only these places are among the best and cheapest but they are also our favorites. Afterall, we live here on Croatian paycheck and we can't afford to eat in fancy restaurants, all the time.

Best cheap eats in Split

If you are looking for quick bite and filling, yet delicious meal which is not overpriced, these are the places that we love and you will too:

Fast Food Kalimero is located next to main marketplace in the city centre. Besides hamburgers, cheeseburgers and fries, you can also order other meals such as mixed meat, pizza, few veggie meals and ćepavi which is grilled dish made of minced meat. It is usually served with onions and ajvar, a local dressing made from red bell peppers, garlic and eggplant. 

Slastice Kod Mate is one of the favorite places among locals, especially after clubbing during weekends. It works full day, every day. Although they sell pizza and meat pie, the place is mostly known because they have the best donuts in town. They fill them up with chocolate or marmelade in front of you and they put a lot of stuffing which makes them extra delicious.

Kebab House is among my favorite places, when it comes to cheap eats in Split. They sell the best Kebab in town which costs only 25 kn, around 4 € and the place is located just 5 minutes away from the promenade. You can choose between sweet or spicy dressing and order other meals such as chicken burgers, hamburgers, ćevapi as well as yogurt. 

Kantun Paulina is well renowned take out corner located in the old town of Split. They serve hamburgers, chicken burgers, sausages, steak and ćevapi. Although they have only a couple of meals to choose from, they are brought to perfection. 

Rizzo Sandwiches is the closest thing to famous Subway, American fast food restaurant franchise. If you don’t like other cheap eats in Split and you just want to have the best sandwich in town, Rizzo is the one for you. This sandwich bar offers various types of cheese, ham, vegetables and toppings to put into your meal. Everything is fresh and they even bake bread themselves!

Food & vacation on a budget

Usually closer the restaurant is to the city center, the more expensive it is. We are mentioning this in case you happen to visit Split and you stumble upon expensive restaurant. Just keep your eyes open and check before you order. 

That being said, we mentioned here only fast food and sandwich bars in or near the city center which are among the best cheap eats in Split. If you want to check their reviews or see more pictures, we recommend tripadvisor

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