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Split accommodation: Best places in & around Split

Split accommodation includes best hotels, luxury villas, top apartments and cheap hostels, all reviewed by guests. Split is the second biggest town in Croatia and metropolis of Dalmatia, a region best suited for unforgettable spring and summer vacation with plenty of accommodation options.

You will find website of the hotels and hostels you found interesting and worth booking for your accommodation in Split. 

You can also check these apartments and vacation houses with direct contact to the owner. We don't take commission or book this accommodation rentals. So, you can avoid paying booking fees by making reservation directly with the owner. 

On the other hand, you can also check their reviews, pictures, available dates, prices and more on Booking or Airbnb. We will connect their ad with the owner's phone number. 

You wonder we share this information? Because we are locals who live here for more then 30 years with friends and acquaintances which rent apartments and villas for vacation. 

Split Accommodation - HOTELS

Every year there are more and more hotels being built in the city itself and the surrounding suburbs. However, the best and the most luxurious hotels in and around Split are:

Besides luxury rooms, these hotels also provide free use of gym, spa and wellness, casinos, clubs and pools.

Some of them are located next to the sea with private beaches, while others such as Le Meridien Lav in Podstrana, have their own marina.

Average price of hotel room for one night is between 100 € and 500 €, depending which type of accommodation you prefer. 

Split Accommodation - VILLAS

Split is touristic center of Dalmatia and the second biggest city in Croatia with plenty of smaller towns around it. Thank to this fact, there are also more than enough villas in and around Split for you to rent.

However, Split is bit more expensive when it comes to accommodation, especially when you look to rent a villa. On the other hand, suburbs around the town provide bit cheaper options with more or less the same amount of luxury. 

That being said, these villas are mostly rented only for a whole week, while their weekly price is between 1000 € to 5000 €, depending on the time of year, luxury and their location. 

Luxury Villas in Split area:

  • Villa Castello Split located in Meje (Split's version of Beverly Hills)
  • Villa Penthouse - Split owned by Radisson Resort
  • Villa Red Land or Villa Greta (beach villa)
  • Luxury Villa Luminosa located in suburb of Split
  • Villa Tomislav located in Meje
  • Villa Bila near Split centre

Although you can find some villas on and Airbnb, we recommend checking out luxuryretreats and myprivatevillas

Split Accommodation - HOSTELS

If you’re looking just for a place to “crash” and you want to save as much as possible on accommodation in Split, there are plenty of hostels in and around the city centre. Among the most popular ones are:

  • Design Hostel Goli & Bosi 
  • Hostel Split 
  • Hostel Split Backpackers 
  • Hostel Booze & Snooze 
  • Al’s Place
  • Tchaikovsky Hostel Split 

Average price for one night in hostel is between 13 € and 35 € per person, for which you get essentials such as WIFI connection, satellite TV, AC, shared kitchen and bathroom. 

However, hostels are basically dorm rooms where you don’t have much privacy. On the other hand, if you don’t need your own place and you like meeting new people or making new friends, then vibrant atmosphere of these hostels is perfect for you.

For finding and booking hostels, we recommend tripadvisor which has the most reviews, for this type of accommodation in Split. 

Split Accommodation - APARTMENTS

If you want privacy, enough space and fair price, renting an apartment is the best option. Not only that you have numerous options but you can also choose which pay grade and amount of luxury suits you best.

However, if you book apartment in the Split center, you will pay more. On the other hand, if you book apartment outside the center or especially in the surrounding suburbs such as Solin, Kaštela, Stobreč and Trogir, you will usually get 2 or 3 beedroom apartment for the lower price.

Although public transportation, taxi and Uber are well organized, before making a reservation, check the location of your apartment. Also, check what types of transportation and car rentals are on your disposal, if you’re arriving without your own. 

Split Accommodation divided by zones

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