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Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Split

If you are looking for vegetarian restaurants in Split¸ you're at the right place. We will show you the best restaurants which serve gluten free meals¸ delicious smoothies, fruit salads¸ veggie burgers¸ sugar free cakes as well as craft beer¸ barley coffee and much more. 

Most restaurants and fast foods in Split serve dishes based on meat or seafood. However¸ some restaurants are also vegetarian friendly which usually means they serve meals such as vegetarian pizza¸ salads¸ pasta and gluten free cakes. 

That being said¸ there are several restaurants in and around Split centre which serve only vegetarian and vegan dishes. 

Vegetarian restaurants in Split

Check some of these places or their reviews on tripadvisor:

Marta’s Veggie Fusion is vegetarian / vegan fusion in the heart of Diocletian’s palace, right next to spectacular Peristil. On the menu you will find craft beer¸ delicious coffee¸ gluten-free cakes, yummy smoothies¸ amazing stew¸ burgers and chips. Although the portions could be a bit bigger for the price they charge¸ fresh¸ tasty meals and great location of this cute¸ small restaurant are what makes this place special. 

Juice bar Kokolo is located just above the promenade¸ right next to the Diocletian’s palace¸ on so called “Fruit” square. Menu includes drinks, cocktails¸ puddings¸ salads and smoothies made from fruits¸ veggies  and seeds. Located on the spacious square¸ surrounded with city gates¸ old walls and buildings¸ it makes a great spot for relaxation after a sightseeing tour as well as a great spot for detox drink after crazy night out. Also¸ Juice Bar Kokolo works only during summer season. 

Makrovega is charming restaurant hidden among narrow streets of the old town. If I had to choose¸ it would probably be at the top of the list of best vegetarian restaurants in Split. It offers vegan and vegetarian dishes as well as great choice of cold pressed juices made of fruits and vegetables. You can also choose daily special which includes soup¸ main course and a salad for only 10 € per person.

Upcaffe is small vegetarian / vegan restaurant with gluten free options, fresh squeezed juices, barley coffee, organic tea, delicious cakes and other tasty meals¸ all made with natural ingredients. The restaurant is owned by the same owners of Makrovega but this one is located outside the old town.

Vege Fast Food is located in Split centre, just across the Inbox bar and next to the main marketplace. They provide large selection of home cooked vegan food and huge selection of sauces. Food is served quickly and it is pretty cheap¸ while the portions are quite big. Place is not fancy but the food is definitely worth the money. 

Vegetarian food stores in Split

Besides vegetarian restaurants in Split¸ there are also great places and health food stores which sell vegetarian and vegan food: 

Main marketplace or the Green market is located in the old town¸ next to the east walls of the Palace. It opens very early in the morning which is the best time to visit it. The stalls sell all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as nuts¸ honey and olive oil¸ among other.

Bio&Bio is one of the larger health food stores in Split with 3 locations in the city and great online shop. Here¸ you will find a variety of certified organic products¸ vegan and vegetarian foods as well as nutritional supplements and fresh sandwiches to go.

Refužo is more than just health food store. It offers not only healthy organic food, but also traditional farm food. Many products are available in bulk since it is the only way to achieve the right price of these products. They sell over 100 kinds of medicinal herbs, have the largest selection of honey, spices and nutritional supplements, bio foods, various types of cereals and seeds.  

There are also two smaller¸ family owned health food stores near the main market¸ Zdravi Bili and Zdravi Đir

Whichever option you choose¸ some of these health food stores or vegetarian restaurants in Split¸ you won't stay hungry during your vacation in Croatia. 

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