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Private Boat Tours

Budget Five Islands Tour: Catamaran boat tour

Budget Five Islands Tour, also known as Budget Blue Cave Tour, is our most affordable option for visiting Blue Cave and other top islands of mid Adriatic, including Hvar and Vis. Besides being the cheapest among the three, it is also best suited for people which maybe don't prefer speedboats.

Budget version: Pay the Least & Get the Biggest Boat

When you choose our Budget Five Islands Tour, you travel with a big boat, spacious catamaran. Although budget version is the cheapest of three five islands tours, you still visit the same places, with one exception.

We only skip stopping at Budikovac lagoon since bigger boat is a little bit slower then smaller speedboats, due to its weight and size, but we always stop for swimming break at Stiniva Cove. Thanks to its size, our spacious catamaran can fit up to 60 passengers onboard.

However, not only that you can always swim at famous Stiniva bay but you have plenty of space on the biggest and the only boat of this size which is able to do the Five Islands Tour in one day, thanks to its two powerful, top of line inboard engines.

Avoid the Line & Swim at Stiniva bay

While speedboats visit Blue Cave first and Hvar archipelago last, with our Budget Five Islands Tour we visit Hvar first and Blue Cave last. Basically, we flip the schedule.

On average, it takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes from Split to Blue Cave with speedboats, while spacious catamaran takes about 2 hours for the same distance. As you can see, it is not a big difference but it adds up during the day which is why we pass the Budikovac island during the Budget Five Islands tour.

Since lagoon at Budikovac is quite shallow, it is very difficult and somewhat risky to anchor in the lagoon with the boat of this size. On the other hand, due to size of the boat we can always anchor infront of famous Stiniva bay to give our guests an oportunity to jump and swim from the boat to the shore or to take amazing pictures from boat's top deck.

After Stiniva, we are off to Blue Cave, where you usually have to wait some time to get inside. Since we visit Blue Cave last, most smaller speedboats are already gone when we get there and there is not much waiting needed to explore the cave.

This is one of the reasons why our Budget Five Islands tour is so popular, especially during peak of the summer when most people can't wait to jump into warm Adriatic Sea,  explore renowed Stiniva bay and avoid the line at Blue Cave.

1) Budget Five Islands Tour: Hvar

Our first destination is renowed historical site and the most popular island of the Adriatic, Hvar island with the town of Hvar bearing the same name. It is located 1 hour of sailing from Split.

Besides the clear sea, nice beaches and sunny days, you will found plenty of archaeological sites, stunning old buildings, monasteries, churches and ancient cultural monuments which speak about Hvar's rich and turbulent history.  

However, number one attraction is the old fortress located on the hill above the city. From the fortress you have beautiful panoramic view of Hvar and Hell islands. It takes only 15 minutes to the top, by foot.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for summer parties, fancy restaurants, small pubs or local taverns with Croatian music and homemade wine, you won't need to look far. During summer, Hvar is known as the town that never sleeps.

2) Budget Five Islands Tour: Hell Islands

After exploring picturesque locations that Hvar town provides, we're off to short sail to nearby Paklinski Islands, know also as Hell Islands. Despite being smaller than Vis or Hvar, Hell Islands are one of the most stunning destinations of the tour. 

Two of the most popular beaches on the Hell Islands (Paklenjaci) are Palmižana and Carpe Diem beach. 

Although they are both nice beaches, Palmižana has several restaurants, awesome lounge bar, botanical garden and a nice sandy beach. On the other hand, Carpe Diem is mostly know as a party beach, especially during the night with fancy beach bars and sea swing for visitors.

3) Budget Five Islands Tour: Budikovac Island

After visiting Hvar arhipelago, we pass by Budikovac Island which is one of small, secluded islands located near Vis.

Although we can't anchor in the lagoon due to our scheadule, shallow depth and size of the catamaran, top deck provides opportunity for amazing pictures and great view of the lagoon during the trip.

4) Budget Five Islands Tour: Stiniva

Stiniva has been voted as the best beach in Europe, by tourists. It is secluded beach on the island of Vis which was created long time ago when the dome of the cave collapsed.

Now, what’s left is a pebble beach with crystal clear water, white sand at the bottom and a stunning clifftop backdrop. Its appeal is largely due to its inaccessible, hidden and peaceful charm, combined with unusual features. 

Since there is no road to Stiniva, people on the beach are mainly tourists from the boat excursion. However, due to its 5 m (16 feet) wide entrance and the rope that also blocks the path, boats need to anchor in front of the entrance.

5) Budget Five Islands Tour: Blue Cave

Our last destination is breathtaking natural phenomena and one of the most attractive locations on the Adriatic, Blue Cave. It is located on small island of Biševo, near Vis.

As sun’s rays penetrate through an underwater opening of the cave and reflect from the white bottom, they illuminate the cave blue. This game of light and reflection creates opportunity for some beautiful pictures and unforgettable experience.

Next to Hvar and Stiniva, it is one of the destinations you simply have to visit, otherwise you’ll be sorry. The pictures you take will be a happy memory to your Croatian adventure which you can show to your friends and family.

Amenities & Bonuses

Budget Five Islands Tour besides being the most affordable, also provides the most space onboard. Catamaran can fit up to 60 passengers, while the boat has men's and women's toilets onboard, spacious sundeck on top, air conditioned cabins below and a bar if you want to have a coffee during the tour as well as free paddle boards and snorkeling equipment for our guests.

If you are not a fan of speedboats and want the biggest boat possible for visiting Vis and Hvar archipelago, our Budget Five Islands tour is perfect fit for you.

On the other hand, if you want to share experience with less passengers onboard, reduce sailing time and snorkel in the Blue Lagoon at Budikovac island, we also provide Standard and Deluxe Five Islands Tour with our best speedboats.



Budget Five Islands Tour goes every monday, wednesday, friday and sunday.

  • DEPARTURE FROM SPLIT                                           7:30
  • SIGHTSEEING OF HVAR TOWN                                   8:30
  • FREE TIME ON HELL ISLANDS                                  11:00
  • SHORT CRUISE TO BUDIKOVAC LAGOON                  12:30
  • SWIMMING BREAK AT STINIVA COVE                       13:30
  • CRUISE TO BLUE CAVE ON BIŠEVO                          15:00
  • RETURN BACK TO SPLIT                             18:30 - 19:00

*Schedule may be adjusted due to weather conditions and number of visitors in compliance with the guests of the tour. 


Crew, safety gear, snorkeling equipment, paddle boards and water for drinks are included in the price of the tour.


Ticket or entrance fee to the Blue Cave is NOT included in the price of the tour. Nautical center Komiža governs the Blue Cave and determines the price of the entrance fee.

They set the price for pre/post season and for high season as well as for adults, children 6 - 12 years old and for children up to 6 years old which are free of charge.

For full price list of season 2024, visit their info link here.

Our staff buys tickets for all the guests onboard. Please prepare cash in euros for the entrance fee to the Blue Cave.


Here are couple of items you may want to bring with you:

Bathing suit, towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, wind jacket, additional clothes for change, food, snacks or lunch money.


While booking the tour of your choice, you pay only deposit to reserve your place on the boat. The rest you pay on the day of departure, before boarding the boat.


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