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Private Boat Tours

Split Boat Tours: Top excursions from Split

Check these Split boat tours to find out which one is the best for you, your friends or family. Whether you want to go on the best tour possible or you just want to visit nearby islands, we got you covered.

We offer full day and half day tours as well as speedboat and big boat excursions:

  • For those struggling with sea sickness as well as groups and families with kids, we recommend full day tour to nearby islands. We are talking about Three Islands Tour with a big boat to Shipwreck bay, Blue Lagoon and Šolta.
  • If you have already been to Vis archipelago and Blue Cave or you just want to visit the most famous beach on this side of the Adriatic, we recommend joining Full Day tour to Zlatni Rat beach and Hvar island. It is similar to Five Islands Tour but still very different.
  • If you want to do half day only, Blue Lagoon Tour with a speedboat is the best option. Only other half day tour worth going is private excursion to other nearby destinations which can't compare to Blue Lagoon.

#1 Split Boat Tours - Five Islands Tour

When it comes to Split boat tours, Five Islands Tour is at the top of the list. Not only that we visit Blue Cave on island of Biševo but we also stop for swimming, snorkeling and sightseeing on other top islands of mid Adriatic which includes Vis, Budikovac, Hell Islands (Paklenjaci) and Hvar

We also offer 3 types of boats for Five Islands Tour:

Although all three boats stop in the same places, each of them has its cons and pros. It only depends which one you prefer. Also, price per person is a bit different, depending on the boat. Price of these tours are directly correlated with the capacity of the boat and its capacity.


Spacious catamaran is our most affordable option for visiting Blue Cave and other top islands of mid Adriatic, including Hvar and Vis.

Besides being the cheapest among the three, it is also best suited for people which maybe don't prefer speedboats.

Catamaran can fit up to 60 passengers, while the boat has men's and women's toilets onboard, spacious sundeck on top, air conditioned cabins below and a bar if you want to have a coffee during the tour as well as free paddle boards and snorkeling equipment for our guests.

Although it is a big boat with powerful inboard engines, since it can take many passengers, its capacity lowers the price and makes this catamaran perfect for our "Budget Five Islands Tour" which is among the best selling Split boat tours.

Mercan 34

Our speedboats for "Standard Five Islands Tour" include Enzo 35 and Mercan 34

With their size of 11 meters, they are safe even when the sea is rough and yet small enough to visit all the hidden coves and beaches on the islands.

Since they are bigger and wider, they offer more protection from the sun, wind and the sea. However, due to their size and weight, they also spend more fuel. This makes a ticket for "Standard Five Islands Tour" a bit more expensive. 

Aliskaf 37

Our boats for "Deluxe Five Islands Tour" Colnago 35, Aliskaf 37 and Colnago 33 provide more space, comfort and luxury.

They also have toilet onboard, shower, free WIFI and a cabin. Since they are bigger and wider, they also need to have a stronger engine or in this case, inboard engine.

Thanks to inboard engines Colnago 35, Aliskaf 37 and Colnago 33 have spacious platform with the stairs, at the back, from where you can easily get in and out of the water. However, their size, additional equipment and fuel expenditure makes "Deluxe Five Islands Tour" the most expensive, when it comes to these three.

Three Islands Tour

If you don't like speedboats or you just want to go on a relaxing full day trip with your friends, family or business colleagues, Three Islands Tour is the one for you. Since big boats don't spend as much fuel as speedboats and can take a lot more people onboard, the trip isn't expensive, especially for families with kids. 

We visit Shipwreck at Nečujam bay, Maslinica on island of Šolta and Blue Lagoon with a big boat. Our boats have two decks, so you can choose if you want to be in a shade or on a sundeck above.

Also, food, drinks and snorkeling equipment are all included in the price. Lunch is served onboard, during our cruise from first to second destination. This way, you have more free time for swimming, snorkeling and sightseeing on these locations.

One of our big boats for full day three islands tour. Being 23 meters (75 feet) long and 5 meters (16 feet) wide, it has plenty of space on two decks.

Full Day Tour to Zlatni Rat Beach & Hvar Island

When it comes to Split boat tours, Luxury speedboat excursion to Zlatni Rat beach and Hvar, also known as Four Islands Tour is best suited for those who want to visit famous Golden Horn(Zlatni Rat) beach and Hvar island, instead of Vis archipelago and Blue Cave Tour.

Some people have already seen Vis and Blue Cave or they just prefer to visit Zlatni Rat and Hvar, instead of Vis.

Not only that you can explore charming town of Bol and enjoy on famous Zlatni rat beach but you can visit Hvar and Pakleni Islands, too. With plenty of time on each location for swimming, sunbathing, sightseeing as well as windsurfing on Golden Horn beach.

On top of that, we visit charming town of Stomorska on Šolta island during our way back to Split. Full Day Speedboat tour to Hvar and Zlatni Rat beach goes every day at 8:30 AM from Split waterfront.

Half Day Blue Lagoon Tour

When it comes to half day Split boat tours, Blue Lagoon Tour with a speedboat is the most popular. If you don't have time or don't want to go on a full day excursion and you want to visit Blue Lagoon, half day speedboat tour is the one for you. 

Not only that we visit Blue Lagoon, UNESCO world heritage site of Trogir and Duga beach resort but we go in the afternoon at 14:30 PM which leaves you enough time to sleep in the morning and to have breakfast at your own time. There is the morning option starting at 9:30 AM for early birds.

Also, with a speedboat it takes only 20 to 30 minutes to our first destination and even less to other destinations. So, you are not too long on the boat, in case you struggle with seasickness. You have enough time for swimming, snorkeling and sightseeing on each place.

Blue Lagoon

Shallow sandy seabed and stunning colors of Blue Lagoon make this half day speedboat excursion one of the best selling Split boat tours, especially when it comes to swimming and snorkeling.


While booking the tour of your choice, you pay only deposit to reserve your place on the boat. The rest you pay on the day of departure, before boarding the boat.


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