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Private Boat Tours

Split Boat Transfers: Choose your boat

At Split boat transfers we provide fast and quality service. Whether you choose our cheapest speedboat or our biggest yacht, we make sure that you’re as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Not only that you travel with style but you save a lot of time with our speedboats. We also pickup our guests from Hvar and Split Airport which is located in Kaštela.

That being said, wcan pick you up in hotel marina or near you accommodation, at scheduled pick up point. Just let us know and we will arrange the rest.

Transfers from Split 

Our company is stationed in Split which is the biggest town in Dalmatia and very popular tourist destination. If you need a transfer from Split to the Airport or to mid-Adriatic islands such as Hvar, Brač or Šolta, feel free to contact us.

That being said, Split boat transfers includes all destinations on Croatian side of Adriatic. In case you need a transfer from Split to Dubrovnik or Pula.

Transfers from Hvar

Our company also has offices in Hvar which is the most popular destination on mid Adriatic, next to Split. Hvar is name of the island and the town.

So, if you need a speedboat transfer from Hvar to Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar or maybe to Split Airport, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Transfers from Split Airport

Split Airport is located in town of Kaštela, 25 kilometers away from Split. It is especially busy during summer season when tourists from all over the world arrive to Split for relaxation on mid Adriatic islands.

In case you need a direct transfer from Split Airport to your hotel or to one of the islands, contact us via e-mail, whatsup or viber. 

Transfers with smaller speedboats

Mano Marine, Prince and Saver are small speedboats which can take up to 6 or 7 passengers. Although being 5 - 6 meters long, they provide enough cover and comfort best suited for small groups and speedboat transfers from Split to nearby islands or the airport and vice versa.

Transfers with mid size speedboats

Mid size boats are best suited for private tours as well as Split boat transfers. They are just the right size with enough space, protection and comfort for 10 to 12 passengers.

Although being a bit more expensive, they add a lot of value, especially if your destination is further away from your pick up point.

Transfers with deluxe size speedboats

Deluxe size speedboats provide plenty of space as well as protection and comfort for all the passengers. Due to their size, they are able to fit maximum number of passengers (12) with a space to spare.

They are best suited for big groups and for those scared of smaller boats. However, bigger speedboat means bigger engine which spends more fuel and makes them more expensive.

Transfers with luxury yachts

In case you prefer luxury of spacious yachts, we also have few options for you to choose from. These yachts are designed to receive max 11 passengers with plenty of comfort for you to relax or take a nap during the trip.

Transfers with big boats for big groups

In case you need a transfer for more than 12 people and you want them to be on one vessel, we have several big boats which can fit from 60 to 150 passengers. Although not as fast as speedboats, what they lack in speed, they make up in size.

Split Boat Transfers - How to Book?

You can reserve the boat and book a speedboat transfer one month in advance, if you want. The sooner you book, higher the chances that you get the boat you want.

You will have to pay depozit to reserve the boat. Depozit varries from boat to boat. It makes 30 % of the price. The rest 70 % you pay when the skipper picks you up or at the agency, if possible. 

No extra fees. 

Fill the contact form below with necessary informations and we will check if the boat you’re looking for is available, at the specified date, time and location you requested. 

After checkup, you will receive e-mail or text message, regarding your inquiry about Split Boat Transfers. If you're in a hurry, contact us via whatsapp or viber on +385 98 907 8068. 

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