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Game of Thrones Tour around Split

Join our Game of Thrones Tour and visit filming locations in and around Split. Explore fictional town of Meereen, free City of Braavos, basements where Khaleesi kept her dragons and learn more about history of Split, Kaštela and Klis fortress.

Besides Dubrovnik which was one of the main filming locations for Game of Thrones, Split and its nearby towns were also used for filming numerous scenes of the series. That being said, you get two tours for the price of one since you will get to know real history of Split and its surroundings.

Split - Indoor scenes of Meereen

First destination of our Game of Thrones Tour is Split and the Diocletian's Palace. Couple of scenes were filmed in narrow streets of the Palace which represent streets of Meereen.

Basements of the Palace represent Khaleesi's throne room, dragons dungeon and cellars where the slaves worked with the Unsullied Army and Grey Worm to crush their leaders.

Besides showing you all the filming locations in Split, you will learn about 1700 years old history of Diocletian’s Palace and the town itself, while enjoying in stunning architecture, along the way.

Klis Fortress - Outdoor scenes of Meereen

Klis fortress was as important as Split for some crucial scenes of the show, especially for many outdoor scenes of Meereen. It was also a sight of many dramatic events from its beginnings since it was meant to protect Split and stop enemy invasion from the north, thanks to its great strategic location. 

As in real life history, medieval fortress was used to film bloody scenes of the show which makes it integral part of our Game of Thrones Tour.

When Daenerys Targaryen and her army marched towards Meereen to free the slaves, crucial scene of executing a slave which lead to people turning against Daenerys and stunning outdoor scenes overlooking the pyramids were all filmed at Klis fortress

Kaštela - Free City of Braavos

Kaštela is agglomeration of seven small settlements with seven castles, next to Split. However, only one castle was used as a filming location to represent free City of Braavos.

Since Braavos is known as a city of waterways with islands, canals and lagoons, that atmosphere is being captured with help of several destinations and CGI. This particular castle from Kaštela, surrounded with water and medieval bridge, makes an ideal location. 

That being said, the castle has great historical value for the local inhabitants. You will hear more stories from the filming set and learn about local history from our expert guides, during Game of Thrones Tour.

Game of Thrones Tour - Important to know

To provide the best experience and convey the real feel and history of these places, we limit number of guests to max 8 people. The tour starts at 11:00 AM and lasts about 4 hours. 

Since the tour is semi-private, we sometimes also stop or visit additional locations in the area such as Trogir or Salona. However, this depends on the wishes of our guests and how much time we have left.



Game of Thrones Tour starts every day at 11:00 AM, except from 15.XII till 01.II.

  • SIGHTSEEING FILMING LOCATIONS IN SPLIT                                        11:00 - 12:00
  • SIGHTSEEING FILMING LOCATIONS IN KLIS                                         12:20 - 13:00 
  • SIGHTSEEING FILMING LOCATIONS IN KAŠTELA                                   13:20 - 14:00
  • RETURN BACK TO SPLIT                                                                      15:00 - 15:30

*Tour schedule can be adjusted in compliance with the guests or adjusted due to traffic or bad weather conditions


Air-conditioned minivan or a car with free WIFI, ticket for Klis fortress, ticket for Diocletian's basements, your private driver and tour guide are included in the price of Game of Thrones Tour.


Here are couple of items you may want to bring with you:

Sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, camera, food, snacks, comfortable shoes and warm sweater if you're coming in winter or autumn.

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